I smiled at Lindsay and quickly put my dick into her. Mandy locked lips with me, as Lindsay sucked on Mandy’s perky tits and puffy nipples. Knowing that I probably wasn’t going to last any longer, I switched to Mandy. Fucking her doggystyle, I pulled her hair and fucked her real hard, the sound of my balls slapping her butt ringing out loud. Lindsay on the other hand, was licking Mandy’s clit from below. “Oh my fucking god… I’m cumming!!!!”, Mandy screamed.

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Slowly I increased my thrusts, as if I were making circles with my waist. moving in and out of her like a piston..
Then small thrusts, again. I lift her entire waist up, and start thrusting deeply into her. Jac's breathing was coming in desperate gasps now.It's closing in on my cock..!! She came then, and at the same time a hot rush flowed from my cock into her pussy. Still joined, we kissed once more. We stayed like that for a long time, under the winter stars.

古时有种鸟,死了以后喙会变得特别硬,史称 -- 抛鸭 😆

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